5 Things that Happens in Your Relationship no one should know of

Something your partner told you in confidence

Trust is easy to lose and difficult to regain. If your partner talks to you about a private problem, it is better to keep quiet. They have opened up to you because they trust you and your ability to keep confidential what you have been told.

Trust is at the heart of any relationship. If a partner confides about one of the skeletons buried in the back of his closet, it is important for you to maintain that trust. Otherwise, the secret may be discovered.

The terrible gift you received from them

It’s the thought that counts. Be grateful that they thought of you. Avoid denigrating him to your friends about his bad gift, they may never let you experience them.

Even if this gift is not to your liking, tell people that it was so sweet to think of you – and you can never deny it.

When your in-laws bother you

We were all irritated by our partner’s parents and complained to our friends. But it is better to keep things secret, especially since in-laws are a permanent part of your life.

You never know when these words will return to your husband, and even worse, which could be very embarrassing and make him resentful and defensive. And it will only do more harm than good.

The details of your 5ex life

Informing your friends and family about what is happening under your sheets makes your privacy a group event. When you are not having 5ex, how often do you have it, his 5exual fantasies; the eccentric details of your intimate life should be kept under the covers.

Your 5ex life shouldn’t become someone else’s fantasy. Not to mention that by learning all about you and your partner’s tastes and dislikes in bed, you may make your friend the confidant and supplier of those tastes to your partner.

If you have problems with your 5ex life, discuss them with your partner. If not, talk to a therapist who can help you understand why you have these problems.

How was your last fight?

Your fights are not for public consumption. If you talk to people about your last fight, they will most likely want to propose a solution to your problems. You and your partner will then not have the necessary knowledge to face the next difficult problem.

In addition, the people you talk to may go against your partner. If they only hear the “facts” you have presented, they may wonder why you are together in the first place. You can’t blame your friend because you told her all the details.

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