Never Share This 5 Things about your Relationship on Social Media

Despite the fact that one in five relationships was born from a social media meeting, using interwebs and applications to talk about your relationship is still an ongoing experience. It is quite easy to brag or complain, especially when a snapchat or update of Instagram’s history disappears in 24 hours. However, that is not a good idea.

Here are a number of things that meeting experts believe you should never publish on social media.

1. Expensive gifts

Although you may be ecstatic about the gifts your partner has just given you, to friends who live from day to day, it may seem superficial and ungrateful to you.

Many people struggling with financial difficulties turn to social media to boost their morale, so seeing articles they can’t afford appears superficial. It could also be an insult to your partner, who is probably finishing these moments of joy to share with you personally, not so you can brag about seeing them all online. And finally, it could make you and your loved one a target for theft.

2. Your break-up

Spare everyone the bloody details. If you and your partner separate, the emotional disorder is enough to clean up without having to respond to comments and advice from social media friends.

Saying how you got dumped shouldn’t be public knowledge. Simply change the status of your relationship to “Single” when and if you call him or her to leave to indicate that you are back on the market. Keep the dirty details to yourself.

Any personal information about your partner without his or her consent

Instead of sharing your partner’s personal details with all your FB friends (and therefore their extended network too), not only do you reduce your privacy, but you could make your partner uncomfortable.

You can post things that are personal about yourself if you want, but do not post things that are personal about your loved one because it becomes an invasion of their privacy. Do not post anything personal about your loved ones unless they do it themselves.

3. I attacked them during a fight.

You may be in the heat of the moment and you know you’re right, but your partner’s stubborn attitude prevents them from giving in for at least a few more hours. You may want to get a second opinion from your social media friends or maybe even a consolation at the time, but resist the urge.

Not only is it vulgar, but it can be incredibly damaging to your partner and have a lasting effect on your reputation. Never put your spouse on social media or talk about an argument you had or had, you might seriously regret saying anything when you calmed down because people will have a negative impression of your partner.

4. Your ultrasound scan

After love comes marriage and maybe, a creative way for you to announce your pregnancy on Facebook. Although medical experts often suggest waiting until the second trimester to share the good news with friends and family because your risk of miscarriage is lower, updating your social media accounts with an ultrasound could take your photo albums too far.

It’s great that you announce that you’re pregnant, but do you need to post a picture of your unborn baby on social media? The image can make people uncomfortable, to say the least, and not everyone needs to know the details of your doctor’s appointments.

5. Kissing yourself

If you have too many kissing yourself, your friends and family may raise an eyebrow. Publishing a soft selfishness may be good if you do it only once, but for people who go beyond the limits of their word-of-mouth ceremony, you may want to consider taking a step back.

Not only does seeing your romantic and physical moments bother you a little, but it can be painful for people who may not have been so lucky in love. Don’t be surprised if you become unfriendly and blocked when you over-share such photos.

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